ResolveDesign is fundamental. Design is simply a well-orchestrated plan. Everything around us is designed, and design decisions impact nearly every part of our lives — be it the environments we work in, the way we schedule vacations, or the way we get the lid off a jar. When things work well, design is taken for granted, but, as Bill Moggridge, founder of international consultancy IDEO, says, “A lot of trial and error goes into making things look effortless.”

Putting an emphasis on design brings creativity into an organization and increases the chance of developing market-leading products and/or services. As the sophistication of the consumer and global competition increases, design becomes increasingly valuable.

Businesses can no longer compete just by slashing prices or increasing their marketing budgets. Innovation in the form of design provides a better, long-range way to succeed.

Design usually requires more time and resources on the front end, but more than makes up for it on the back end.