Your website represents your business.

Good design requires more than familiarity with HTML code. The designer must understand your business model and make that model easily accessible to people. All web designers have computer, Internet and technological skills. But the critical skills and experience necessary for website excellence include strategic analysis, writing and communication, marketing, conceptual organization and holistic modeling. Good design is more than a pretty page.

We build custom websites for small businesses and organizations.

Our concern for accessibility, usability and web standards give our sites an important edge. We also insure that our sites are search engine ready, using design and site optimization techniques to provide superior search engine functionality, which means that people looking for what you offer can find you more easily.

Why are web standards important? The bottom line for website owners is that a site built on web standards is lean, clean, CSS-based, accessible, usable and search engine friendly. Max Weakly at Maxdesign has written a detailed article (Web standards checklist) on the topic. Also see Jakob Nielsen’s article on Web Standards.

Our website design prices are among the most competitive in the industry.

We make sure that your site meets the most important specifications and guidelines of the W3C. This means writing the code (or markup) for your website in XHTML and using CSS to apply styles. (This means that we use the most effective programming techniques.)

All of our sites use Javascript to hide email addresses from improper use and exploitation. People can use them normally, but email harvesting programs cannot find them.

Internet Growth

The Internet has grown rapidly and extensively over the past several years, and it is poised to grow even more in the near future. Is your business or organization ready? Ready or not, it’s coming.

The key elements of website design are not splash and flash, but simplicity and clarity. These categories apply to both presentation and navigation.

A website is not a magic bullet, nor is it a business step-child. Rather, at the very least a website is an essential business element, like a Yellow Pages ad or a business brochure. And it must be integrated into your business in order to contribute to your success, and not become an unnecessary expense — or worse, a liability.

Doing it right is always less expensive than doing it over.

We can also help you plan for success.