Website content is defined as the words that convey the thoughts, ideas and opportunities presented on the site. The experts tell us that “content is king.” That means that the words you choose to put on your site are of utmost importance.

Before you begin thinking about website design, you need to think about what you want to say and how you want to say it. No one knows your business better than you do, so to give the job of writing content (copy writing) to a web designer doesn’t make a lot of sense unless the designer is also a copy writer. Most aren’t. You need to sit down and write out each page of your website in a word processing file. Do it without thinking about design or layout. Just think about what needs to be said. The art of the writing task is to say enough without saying too much. Brevity and clarity should be in balance.

Think of your site in terms of an outline. Each page is a major point, and no page should have more than three sub points. But each page also needs a variety of other information that you as the business owner need to supply. The overall organization of the site is of critical importance. Savvy techies call it “website architecture” and point out that the organizational part of the design is actually more important that how the site looks. The larger the site the more important the architecture becomes.

Each page should have:

  • Description (10-25 words, seen by search engines):
  • Key words (not more than three):
  • Page title (should contain at least one keyword):
  • Content of page
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