Exposure involves putting your website in motion, making people aware of it. The Internet has become so large that simply having a website doesn’t mean that people know about it or can find it. If you have a website, you now have a needle in a haystack. There are several ways you can pay for […]

Incremental Growth

Growth is not always (or even usually) about making major changes. A better and often overlooked method of growth is to implement small improvements that will increase sales or reduce costs within the existing business structure. And there are some of these things that can be done on your website.


Frames are an older web design technology that made site navigation easier by keeping one part of a site constant while opening links in another part. However, frames have become a problem for webmasters and users alike for numerous reasons. Using frames in today’s Internet environment is problematic: Printing a document is harder Bookmarking is […]


Design is fundamental. Everything around us is designed, and design decisions impact nearly every part of our lives — be it the environments we work in, the way we schedule vacations, or the way we get the lid off a jar. When things work, design is taken for granted, but, as Bill Moggridge, founder of […]


Website content is defined as the words that convey the thoughts, ideas and opportunities presented on the site. The experts tell us that “content is king.” That means that the words you choose to put on your site are of utmost importance. Before you begin thinking about website design, you need to think about what […]

Website Availability

Search engine registration is only one way to let the world know about the existence of your website. The dominant engines are Google, Yahoo! and MSN. Google doesn’t register sites, never did. Yahoo! and MSN have various paid registration options, and hundreds of other directory sites have followed the paid registration model. Some are good […]